For Halloween this year, I originally intended on being one of the Spice Girls with some friends. Luckily, they got an idea for a smaller group costume so I could duck out of the group and be one of my favorite book characters ever: the Girl on Fire.

This was a really easy and cheap Halloween costume to make. It cost me approximately $5! Here’s what you need to be Katniss Everdeen:

  • A braid (kind of essential)
  • A brown shirt that looks kind of rough (got this from Goodwill + I added some cuts to mine with some makeup as “dirt” and “blood”)
  • Olive green pants
  • Brown boots
  • Mockingjay pin (I just printed one off the Internet, but you can find them at Hot Topic)
  • Extra credit: a bow and arrow (I saw some tutorials to make one but I ran out of time)
  • Makeup wise, I just wore foundation + blush + bronzer + mascara and added some “dirt” (brown eyeshadow) to my face.

Here’s the result! I’ll be wearing this to my Halloween party tonight.


I know I did the finger symbol wrong. I’ll do better tonight at the party!