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Katniss has NO TIME to twerk! She is too busy worrying about Prim! And deciding between Peeta and Gale!

Me, when my roommate asked me to twerk in my costume last night

DIY: Katniss Everdeen Halloween Costume



For Halloween this year, I originally intended on being one of the Spice Girls with some friends. Luckily, they got an idea for a smaller group costume so I could duck out of the group and be one of my favorite book characters ever: the Girl on Fire.

This was a really easy and cheap Halloween costume to make. It cost me approximately $5! Here’s what you need to be Katniss Everdeen:

  • A braid (kind of essential)
  • A brown shirt that looks kind of rough (got this from Goodwill + I added some cuts to mine with some makeup as “dirt” and “blood”)
  • Olive green pants
  • Brown boots
  • Mockingjay pin (I just printed one off the Internet, but you can find them at Hot Topic)
  • Extra credit: a bow and arrow (I saw some tutorials to make one but I ran out of time)
  • Makeup wise, I just wore foundation + blush + bronzer + mascara and added some “dirt” (brown eyeshadow) to my face.

Here’s the result! I’ll be wearing this to my Halloween party tonight.


I know I did the finger symbol wrong. I’ll do better tonight at the party!