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College Costume Parties



My costume for a recent neon/blacklight date party.

I know that I have a lot of readers who are currently livin’ up their college days. One of my favorite aspects of being in college is the theme party. I am all about getting that one great idea that you think no one else has thought of, hitting up Goodwill and Hobby Lobby to make it happen, and then relishing everyone exclaiming “OMG I looooove your costume!”. (Wait, that only happens at sorority parties? Oh…)

Some of you may not be as…creatively insane inclined as I am? That’s okay! Here are some tips for making the most of your Disney/stoplight/Halloween party costume.


My DIY Katniss Everdeen costume.

1. Check Pinterest for cute ideas. College ladies know all about this treasure trove of party ideas. Usually, you can just enter the theme of the party in the search bar, like “stoplight party” or “Oscar party costumes”, and lots of ideas will pop up.

2. Don’t be afraid to DIY! Do-it-yourself costumes are usually pretty cheap and not terribly time consuming. It took me about $7 to make my DIY Katniss costume, and people told me I really did look straight out of the Hunger Games.


My and B’s first ever date party costumes! We look like little babies.

3. Think out of the box. I guarantee you that everyone at that Halloween party you’re going to has already seen 8 people dressed as a sexy referee. Think of creative costumes, like Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball (no lie, I have seen this executed so well), or word play costumes, like a “cereal killer” (tape tiny boxes all over you and carry a toy gun).

4. Have fun with it. I know, I know, cheesiest ending EVER, but there’s no point in finding that perfect lace-up corset to make you the perfect “naughty” angel if you can’t breathe and you have a weird muffin-top all night. If you aren’t having your neon glitter bow fly off your head while you joyfully execute a dance move, you’re doing costumes wrong. (And that actually happened to me multiple times a few weeks ago.)

Me and B at a mathletes and athletes party. We were the athletes.

Where Tank Tops go to Hibernate in the Winter: Storing Clothes Seasonally


Fellow fashionistas/ people who can’t pass up a J. Crew sale (looking at you, boyfriend), we share a problem.

Having too much stuff and not enough closet space.

Not even a chest of drawers for non-fancy clothes can contain my love for polka dots/ soft crew necks/ colored jeans.

Here’s how I handle this tragic issue.

I keep all of the clothes for the “wrong” season in the SKUBB, a fabric storage bin made by my Swedish overlords at Ikea. It was cheap and FAR more effective than the SAMLA Ikea clear plastic tote box (NEVER buy one, the lid does not lock).

Whenever it gets too cold to wear my shorts and tank tops, I fold them all carefully and stash them in the SKUBB. That’s where they will live during the winter, when I solely subsist on J. Crew Tippi sweaters and jeans.

Here’s a photograph of my SKUBB. As you can see, there’s a little fabric divider inside that I use to separate tops from bottoms.

Also, there is a tutu in there. I was in my sorority’s homecoming performance and I didn’t have anywhere to store this part of my costume.  SKUBB to the rescue!

How do you store clothes that you’re not wearing? It used to make me angry that they took up so much space, but I couldn’t even wear them! Thoughts?

5 Pieces of Clothing Every Girl Should Own


I know we all hate listicles (list-articles), but really, this is a necessary evil. Here are 5 things you should go to the mall and purchase now:


Photo credit

1. Nude tank top

It’s hard to express how totally necessary this is. While a nude bandeau is sometimes appropriate to wear under sheer tops, I usually go for my nude tank top when wearing sheer blouses to class or (especially) work. I’m all about going a little “fun” when out with friends, but sheer tops are NEVER work appropriate! And this tank costs approximately $5 at Forever 21.


Photo credit

2. Sports bra

I can hear all my non-runner people out there saying, “Why do I need the perfect sports bra? Exercise is the worst!” To which I say: “You’re just not doing the right kind of exercise!” with a wink. But I digress. A good sports bra that is comfortable and supportive is essential for a variety of uses, not just going for a jog. Maybe your friends want to play a round of kickball in the field next to your apartment. Maybe you’re going on a road trip and want to relax in the car, but also be ready to go hiking when you get to your destination of choice. Maybe you are just lazy and want to be comfortable for class. Find the right style and size for you, and buy a million of them. I have 5 of the above bra (found at Target).


Photo credit

3. Cozy sweatshirt

A well-worn sweatshirt, preferably repping your college or sports team of choice, is always a good piece of clothing to have. I have a hunter green sweatshirt from my sorority that I have been wearing almost every day this week due to the extreme cold. While I don’t recommend wearing a sweatshirt to the bar, obviously, for nights at home drinking tea and watching reality television, this is necessary.


Photo credit

4. Scarf that goes with everything

Maybe it’s the sub-freezing temperatures outside that are talking to me, but I am all about a versatile scarf lately. Scarves can be taken from going with Piece of Clothing #3 to going with Piece of Clothing #5. From lazy days at school to a way to keep your neck toasty as you walk from the parking lot to the door at work, a versatile scarf, preferably a circle/infinity scarf, is recommended for all. Colors I love: dark grey, mustard yellow, cobalt blue.


Photo credit

5. Black dress pants

This one is applicable for ladies and gentlemen. Everyone needs a pair of black slacks (or even a full suit) that makes them feel like a million bucks. Like you’re the CEO of Power Outfits, Incorporated. The pants I love are from The Limited. Find your power pants. Wear them a lot. Maybe buy two pairs.

The Problem with Stuff on Sale


I can hear all of you saying “But, Sydney, you love sales! Literally every time I see you, you are talking about something awesome you got on sale!”.

To that I say: “Whoa, some of you I have never seen before, be right back while I go into Witness Protection.”

But I digress. If you’ve never met me before, I can assure you that I am usually blabbering on about something that I got at a ridiculously good deal. A $10 J. Crew sweater, a $300 iPad (a lot of cash money, but that’s actually a lot off the list price), a $6 iPhone case (also thanks to the Crew that I love so much) are some of my spoils. But there’s a problem with loving sales so much.

Beautiful heart shirt that I love so much, I would never have you if I didn’t tear myself from the sale section!

It came to me in a J. Crew Factory store, of course. I was there with K (I think) and I tried on all of these things that lived on the sale rack. Truth be told, I was only looking at these items because of their low price. Which explains why I wasn’t really satisfied with any of these things. I was about to settle for something that I only halfway liked but wouldn’t break the bank when I saw it…the above shirt.

Silky smooth and riddled with a fun heart pattern, it cried out to me from the full-price section. (Actually, I didn’t even end up paying full-price for it thanks to my student discount, but it was still far more expensive than anything on the sale rack.) I was so torn. I tried it on and loved it, of course, but it was slightly out of my usual price range. I wouldn’t go hungry if I bought it, but it would make me feel awkward to plunk down my plastic for such a big ticket item.

But you know what? I shoved those not-“me” clothes right back onto the sale rack and bought the Heart Shirt. And I am so happy I did! I wear this shirt once a week almost. It looks great with army green jeans and riding books for class and with black slacks for work.

If I had bought the sale items, they would have ended up on the floor of my closet, not being worn. That’s a waste of money, plain and simple. So, really, buying the more expensive item that I wear ALL OF THE TIME was the better economic decision.

Too bad they never gave me word problems like this in my high school econ class.


What I Wore: This is one of my new favorite outfits! I wore it with B and his family to Pops, a store/restaurant where you can get all kinds of pop (imagine that). Really comfy but kind of fancy looking too.

Chambray: J. Crew Factory
Sweatshirt: J. Crew Factory
Jeans: Vigoss from Saks Fifth Avenue
Boots: Frye

What I Wore: Variations on a Theme


…and that theme is grey.

First, B took this picture, which I kindly said made me look like I was in a prison.

I suggested a prop, and B pointed out that there was a pumpkin in the corner.

(Filters help, too. Thanks, VSCOCam!)

Then, I went and made it awkward.

You’re welcome.

Sweater, tights, skirt: J. Crew

Boots: Frye


Photo of the Day: Classic Sydney move- checking my hairdo by taking a reverse picture with my phone in a mirror. Technology is really helping my hair precision.


What I Wore: outfit and a little duck face for your Wednesday night.

Sweater: J.Crew
Jeans: Target