My costume for a recent neon/blacklight date party.

I know that I have a lot of readers who are currently livin’ up their college days. One of my favorite aspects of being in college is the theme party. I am all about getting that one great idea that you think no one else has thought of, hitting up Goodwill and Hobby Lobby to make it happen, and then relishing everyone exclaiming “OMG I looooove your costume!”. (Wait, that only happens at sorority parties? Oh…)

Some of you may not be as…creatively insane inclined as I am? That’s okay! Here are some tips for making the most of your Disney/stoplight/Halloween party costume.


My DIY Katniss Everdeen costume.

1. Check Pinterest for cute ideas. College ladies know all about this treasure trove of party ideas. Usually, you can just enter the theme of the party in the search bar, like “stoplight party” or “Oscar party costumes”, and lots of ideas will pop up.

2. Don’t be afraid to DIY! Do-it-yourself costumes are usually pretty cheap and not terribly time consuming. It took me about $7 to make my DIY Katniss costume, and people told me I really did look straight out of the Hunger Games.


My and B’s first ever date party costumes! We look like little babies.

3. Think out of the box. I guarantee you that everyone at that Halloween party you’re going to has already seen 8 people dressed as a sexy referee. Think of creative costumes, like Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball (no lie, I have seen this executed so well), or word play costumes, like a “cereal killer” (tape tiny boxes all over you and carry a toy gun).

4. Have fun with it. I know, I know, cheesiest ending EVER, but there’s no point in finding that perfect lace-up corset to make you the perfect “naughty” angel if you can’t breathe and you have a weird muffin-top all night. If you aren’t having your neon glitter bow fly off your head while you joyfully execute a dance move, you’re doing costumes wrong. (And that actually happened to me multiple times a few weeks ago.)

Me and B at a mathletes and athletes party. We were the athletes.