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City of Foodie Love


The post formerly known as “All of the places I plan to eat during my <12 hours in Philadelphia.”

High Street on Market

I was perusing a copy of Bon Appetit this afternoon in the pool, and this was voted the #2 restaurant in the country. They are known for amazing bread and perfect brunch. I am pumped.

Shake Shack

I know it’s a chain, but seriously, Katie raved about this place. And B can eat everything but the milkshakes, which is sometimes rare for cult burger places! (For newbies: he’s allergic to peanuts.) Luckily, there’s a Philly location for this NYC-originated burger spot.


DUH. No picture required.

EatOKC: Cheever’s Cafe


For our third anniversary, B took me to a place I’d been pining for for months: Cheever’s Cafe in the Uptown 23rd district.


That’s my excited face. See Cheever’s in the background?

Cheever’s is located in basically the most adorable building ever. In it’s previous life, it was a flower shop. The cold storage for the flowers is now the most excellent wine room. But we did not order any wine…


…we got cocktails instead! For the life of me, I can’t remember what this one was called, but it had so many different fruit tastes. It also wasn’t sickly sweet like most “fruity” drinks are. It was on point.

Now, on to the good stuff: food!


When we arrived to the restaurant, it took the staff a hot minute to get to our table and bring us water to drink and such. To make up for their delay, they kindly comped us this delicious plate of calamari. I loved the addition of the peppers!


This was my meal: pork tenderloin with an onion jam, butternut squash risotto, and a kale salad. It was all very rich and delicious. The risotto was some of the best I’ve ever had; it was more like mac and cheese than risotto and I ate it up. The kale salad had a great dressing as well, and the pork was flavorful and tender.

But even after all of that goodness, I did wish I got what B got…


…the CHICKEN FRIED STEAK. Good lord, Cheever’s. This should be illegal, it was so rich. Yes, readers, that is TWO FRIED STEAKS leaning on one another to make a little mountain over the piles of mashed potatoes. B could hardly finish it. It was FAB.

Obviously, I am drinking the Cheever’s Cafe kool-aid. I really want to go back for brunch like ASAP. Well, as soon as I save some money up…because good dining like this is not easy on the wallet. Worth it, though!


This is my perfect meal. 

Salty, peppery, crispy sweet fries. Approximately one pound of bacon. Crusty bread smeared with just the right amount of mayo. A sprinkling of lettuce and slices of tomato, for vegetable reasons. 

This last-meal-worthy delicacy can be found at Kaiser’s in Midtown OKC. I also recommend a hot fudge sundae for dessert. And their onion rings are bomb as well. 

Minty Fresh



Last week, I was looking for something sweet to make and send B’s brother because he is a freshman in college and sick with mono. I remembered that he liked mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I found this recipe from Little Dairy on the Prairie on ever-faithful Pinterest.

The batter was straight-up luscious. Strangely (and awesomely), it was the texture of ice cream after I mixed all of the goodies up. And the real peppermint oil that was swirled in made them smell and taste so fresh and so tasty. (That was a so fresh and so clean joke, sorry it failed).

You may ask how they tasted? I leave you with this screenshotted Snapchat:


What I Ate: a delicious breakfast creation. Lemon-rosemary bread from the Hoot and the Howl, avocado, and a gooey fried egg. It required a knife and fork. It was luscious.

Photo of the Day: Homemade Sushi


Making your own sushi is really easy. Maybe I should write a post about it- it’s way cheaper than going out for sushi, you can put whatever you want in the rolls, and did I mention that it’s super easy?!

Photo of the Day: Baked Avocado Fries


I paired some baked avocado fries with my sweet potato fries at lunch the other day! They were tasty, but would have been better with some avocado ranch.

Back Door Barbecue



Located in the Uptown 23rd neighborhood of OKC, Back Door Barbecue is another soon-to-be staple of my diet. I can’t express how delicious this food was. Bye bye, Norman Rudy’s. This is true love because I am abandoning a TEXAS restaurant for you, Back Door BBQ. Understand this Texas native’s sacrifice.

Pictured above is my order, the one meat plate (pulled pork) with two sides, the slaw, which wasn’t overly creamy and had cilantro and bell pepper (exciting!), and the fried pickled okra, which I can’t stop talking about. I am getting really good at working fried pickled okra into my everyday conversations.


Here’s B with his Q-ban, which he added the house mustard sauce to, claiming it took the sandwich “to the next level”. It was pretty fantastic. He also got the fries, which were obviously homemade and tasty, especially with all of the sauces that we tried liberal amounts of. Can you have too much BBQ sauce? I think not.


Even though I was so full, I couldn’t leave without trying a pie-in-a-jar. I mean, check out that adorable deliciousness! This was their coconut + banana cream pie, which was pretty amazing. I would have liked more crust, but we all know I’m a carb addict that likes crust better than filling in every pie. Warning to not-coconut-lovers: this puppy has a ton of coconut, do NOT order. Also, why are you so weird, coconut hater?!

Final verdict: I plan on eating here so often they memorize my order.


Photo of the Day: brunch at Millie’s in RVA. I had something new for once! Braised beef cheeks with roasted tomato + cheese grits and two poached eggs. Heaven.

Grocery Shopping Revisited


Last time we talked about groceries, I told you my couponing tricks of the trade. Strangely enough, I’ve completely abandoned couponing. I’m just too busy to take the time to hunt around, and I found myself falling into the trap of buying unhealthy things and buying things I don’t need.

But cheap groceries without couponing is still possible! Here is an example of what I buy each week and how much it costs.

The total for these groceries was $23. And this is what I got…

  • organic spinach
  • celery
  • baby carrots
  • 4 sweet potatoes (small)
  • 3 apples
  • cucumber
  • 2 packages of sliced mushrooms
  • a loaf of freshly baked bread
  • small log of goat cheese + honey
  • frozen butternut squash ravioli (SO GOOD OMG)
  • 3 pork chops

With the lunch meat I had leftover from Target, this food definitely lasted me a week. I even still have the ravioli left to eat tonight! You can see that I am still buying food that I think is good for me to eat (less Cheetos, more mushrooms) but not spending an insane amount of money.

Unfortunately, my budget for the week got a bit…derailed by my fear of the impending winter storm that Oklahoma got. I went and bought extra food for the weekend for me and my roommate. Oops.

In a future post, I will try and provide you guys with an example of my meal plan!