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What does 5,000 + 13.1 mean?

5,000 is the number of miles I will be away from B. (The meaning of this will be explained later in this post, so read on…)

13.1 is the number of miles I will be running in my race.

Pretty simple.

What half marathon are you running?

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Half Marathon! (Long name, right?) It takes place in downtown Oklahoma City on April 28, 2013.

What’s your goal time? Like, an hour?

Ha. Haha. Hahahahahah!

So, two hours?

Let’s try three hours. It’s my first half marathon. While I could possibly walk the race in under 3 hours, at this point I’m not sure how my body will fare after moving for 13.1 miles. 3 hours is my conservative goal. As I progress in training, this might be updated.

Tell me your training/nutrition/clothing/pacing plan!

That’s why this blog exists. Also for me to complain about stuff. And tell you funny stories.

The question of the hour: why would you ever want to run a half marathon?!

The answer: many reasons. The thing that really made me decide to eventually click “register” for the Oklahoma City Memorial Half is the fact that B (my boyfran, if this is your first time reading) will be abroad for the semester. I probably spend 6 out of 7 nights a week making B stop studying and hang out with me. This ritual is also known as me making puppy noises, napping while he works and then making him tell me a story, painting my nails while he tries to program something, and eating out far too much for our bank accounts to support. As you can see, I’m going to have a lot of free time on my hands once B is across the Atlantic. (We have already parted for the semester, a post so tear filled that it is drowning the Internet is possibly to come.) I plan to spend all this free time running, thinking about running, reading running blogs, perfecting my nutrition, and taking lots of naps. Because running is tiring.

Another, more meaningful reason, is that it’s something that sounds pretty impossible. Imagining myself running for 2 and a half hours is exhausting. Actually doing it is a whole other can of worms. I never thought I would be doing this with my life. I was never someone with the desire to do something challenging and life altering. B has done a lot to change that, but it’s incredibly fulfilling to know that this is something that I am doing for myself, something that only I can accomplish. No one else can run that race for me. It is my bib number, my sweat, my battle. And I will have to run it alone. (I don’t do well running with other people.)

More to come soon. Off to do some stretching.

EDIT: Who is K, and why is she fishing for compliments on your Facebook?

K is my “beautiful and talented best friend” who is “a fascinating world traveler” and the “best cheerleader/platonic B replacement the world has ever seen”. End quote. But for realsies, K is super entertaining and often takes me for ice cream after I run. Because “I earned it”.

EDIT: August 2013

Why are you still talking about running? Shut your face, please.

No, you’re rude and probably dumb. Also, I’m still talking about running because I love doing it more than I love doing almost anything. Adding running to my posting schedule was totally natural for me. As a lifestyle blog, I’ll be talking about food, fashion, home decor, and fitness- that includes running. So, get used to it, kids!

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