I titled this post “The Lazy Foodie” because I’m a lazy moviegoer as well. I’m seeing The Hunger Games for the first time tonight, even though it’s been out for quite a while. My university is showing it for free on campus tonight, so I’m totally there.

Annnnnd I’m doing something extra special!

Follow the blog on Twitter (YES IT HAS A TWITTER NOW, I am just as stoked as you are!) to read my live tweets of irreverent commentary and romance-squealing-over.

(Don’t worry, for those who aren’t fans of Twitter, I’ll be posting a full transcript back here at homebase tomorrow.)

So, yeah. Live-tweeting the Hunger Games tonight. I promise to make you excited about it even though all the real fans saw the movie about 3 months ago.

Also, if you’re an OU student, and you read my blog, and you’re all “hey, I want to meet this girl!”, feel free to tweet at the blog and we can meet up, perhaps. I already have an entourage coming to the movie with me, but hey, Meacham is pretty big.