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Well, I did it!

After nearly a year of running, I finally ran a sub-30 minute 5K.

It was not easy.

Luckily, I had a bunch of my sorority sisters there to help pump me up!

(FTK= For the Kids, because our race benefited Soonerthon, our dance marathon event for Children’s Miracle Network!)

The race was at night, so it was a little chilly. A neon theme forced me to break out some of my favorite workout gear: blue and purple gradient leggings, purple shorts, and a lime green shirt. Also, huge blue and purple tulle bow that got lost in the frenzy. Oops!

I started out on the far left as always, directing B and K to stand on that side in my vain attempt to mug for a picture as I passed.

This never happened because I was running too fast. Small victory or disappointment? Not really sure.

I headed out at an 8 minute/mile pace (STUPID STUPID STUPID), eventually cruising into a comfy 9:15-9:30 pace for my first mile. I took a walk break as planned (I follow the Galloway method, you should try it, it saves me from shredding my calves and I love it) and then set off again.

Since I knew I was painfully close to sub-30-ing, I spent most of the race in a mental battle. I know that I recover better taking multiple walking breaks then picking up the pace rather than running until I eventually slow to a snail’s pace (and guess what? my shins are beastly by then also). But I didn’t want to walk at all, I wanted to beast mode this 5k and power across the finish in less than 30 minutes.

Luckily, I kept yo-yoing past Tonya, one of my sorority sisters. She runs way more than I do because of her epic extracurricular activities, and I was impressed that I was keeping up with her! I would slow to a walk and she would run past, yelling something encouraging, and then when she slowed to a walk, I would run past and yell something to her. It was a pretty nice setup. Chasing after Tonya really helped me stay in the game because I had the smaller goal of “keep up with Tonya” rather than thinking “WHAT IS YOUR PACE ARE YOU UNDER 30 CHECK YOUR SPLITS FREAK OUT FREAK OUT YEAH” the entire time.

This lasted until the end of the race, at which time Tonya turned up the heat and sprinted to the finish way faster than me. But I followed close behind, legs burning with pain. I could see the race clock was already a few seconds past 30 minutes, but I knew that my official chip time had to be less. I powered through, knowing that every agonizing step I took forward would pay off when I saw a sub-30 time on those race results.

And… it did.


Mile 1: 9:11

Mile 2: 10:29

Mile 3: 9:50


Me and my little baby timing chip at my latest 5K! A pretty interesting race report is to come…luckily it has a happy ending!

The Lazy Foodie Reviews “The Hunger Games”


I titled this post “The Lazy Foodie” because I’m a lazy moviegoer as well. I’m seeing The Hunger Games for the first time tonight, even though it’s been out for quite a while. My university is showing it for free on campus tonight, so I’m totally there.

Annnnnd I’m doing something extra special!

Follow the blog on Twitter (YES IT HAS A TWITTER NOW, I am just as stoked as you are!) to read my live tweets of irreverent commentary and romance-squealing-over.

(Don’t worry, for those who aren’t fans of Twitter, I’ll be posting a full transcript back here at homebase tomorrow.)

So, yeah. Live-tweeting the Hunger Games tonight. I promise to make you excited about it even though all the real fans saw the movie about 3 months ago.

Also, if you’re an OU student, and you read my blog, and you’re all “hey, I want to meet this girl!”, feel free to tweet at the blog and we can meet up, perhaps. I already have an entourage coming to the movie with me, but hey, Meacham is pretty big.

What I Wore Where: JayMac Awards


I’m an ambassador for my college, and as an ambassador, one of my prestigious duties is to wake up early, put makeup on, dress nicely, and stand and smile at the door to our JayMac Awards!

The awards honor some fabulous alumni who have gone on to do wonderful amazing things, just like me and Katie will do.

So, yes. I am wearing a suit at 9:30 am.