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Katniss has NO TIME to twerk! She is too busy worrying about Prim! And deciding between Peeta and Gale!

Me, when my roommate asked me to twerk in my costume last night

The Lazy Foodie Reviews “The Hunger Games”


I titled this post “The Lazy Foodie” because I’m a lazy moviegoer as well. I’m seeing The Hunger Games for the first time tonight, even though it’s been out for quite a while. My university is showing it for free on campus tonight, so I’m totally there.

Annnnnd I’m doing something extra special!

Follow the blog on Twitter (YES IT HAS A TWITTER NOW, I am just as stoked as you are!) to read my live tweets of irreverent commentary and romance-squealing-over.

(Don’t worry, for those who aren’t fans of Twitter, I’ll be posting a full transcript back here at homebase tomorrow.)

So, yeah. Live-tweeting the Hunger Games tonight. I promise to make you excited about it even though all the real fans saw the movie about 3 months ago.

Also, if you’re an OU student, and you read my blog, and you’re all “hey, I want to meet this girl!”, feel free to tweet at the blog and we can meet up, perhaps. I already have an entourage coming to the movie with me, but hey, Meacham is pretty big.