1. Chiloso chips and ranch. And chicken, corn, lettuce and cheese tacos. With more ranch. 
  2. Get my hairs cut. All of them. Not just one “haircut”.
  3. Take a nap longer than 20 minutes in my aunt’s awesome bed with the feather pillows and duvet.
  4. Swim in the pool? If weather permits? Hear that, meteorology major boyfriend?
  5. Eat my weight in fair food.
  6. Cuddle my dog really hard.
  7. Show B embarrassing childhood pictures (there’s one of me at 3, naked, sitting on the Christmas presents)
  8. Did I mention eat delicious food already? I mean, it’s Dallas. My food heaven.
  9. Not fall asleep at the wheel (like I did one time, oooops)
  10. Go to the OU/Texas game, duh!