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Top 10 Things I’d Rather Be Doing Than Being in Film Class Before Thanksgiving Break

  1. Sleeping.
  2. Watching the Office, which is what I was doing before I decided to make my way to my last class of the day before Thanksgiving break. 
  3. Thinking of what dessert I’m going to bring to Thanksgiving.
  4. Sleeping.
  5. Driving home to the 214.
  6. Making my Black Friday list.
  7. Finishing my Christmas list.
  8. Playing Dolphin Olympics 2 (which is actually what I’m doing in class, no shame)
  9. Reading a book.
  10. Sleeping.

Top 10 Things I Want to Do While Back in the DFW

  1. Chiloso chips and ranch. And chicken, corn, lettuce and cheese tacos. With more ranch. 
  2. Get my hairs cut. All of them. Not just one “haircut”.
  3. Take a nap longer than 20 minutes in my aunt’s awesome bed with the feather pillows and duvet.
  4. Swim in the pool? If weather permits? Hear that, meteorology major boyfriend?
  5. Eat my weight in fair food.
  6. Cuddle my dog really hard.
  7. Show B embarrassing childhood pictures (there’s one of me at 3, naked, sitting on the Christmas presents)
  8. Did I mention eat delicious food already? I mean, it’s Dallas. My food heaven.
  9. Not fall asleep at the wheel (like I did one time, oooops)
  10. Go to the OU/Texas game, duh!

Top 10 Things I Miss About the Summer

  1. Having time to blog. Seriously, y’all. I miss it! I’m subsisting on reblogs accompanied by my witty commentary until I have a week where I’m not working on a project worth half my grade.
  2. Watching TV/Netflix. Haven’t seen anything in forever. I miss my weird documentaries.
  3. Free time. Self explanatory.
  4. Having time to go out and practice photography. This is something I’d really like to learn, but to take at class on it at OU I’m pretty sure I have to own a DSLR. 
  5. Making my own meals!
  6. Not having to spend money on stupid textbooks that aren’t useful and half the time aren’t used.
  7. Seeing friends!
  8. Seeing family!
  9. Seeing my dogs. I have serious animal attachment. I must look at cute pictures of animals like every day or my brain rots.
  10. My swimming pool.

What do YOU miss about those dog days of summer?