This past weekend, I ran my third 5k!

Pre-race, of course.

My aunt and uncle from Dallas were planning a visit to Norman anyway, and they’re super fit people who run pretty much every day, so I signed us all up for the Hotter 5K in Oklahoma City (it’s part of the Hot, Hotter, Hottest Summer Race Series by DG Productions!).

Me, B, uncle and aunt. Yeah, I don’t know how my aunt and I are related. She clearly got all of the gorgeous genes!

The course was an out-and-back starting at Wheeler Park in OKC, meaning we ran into the sun along the Oklahoma River for 1.55 (hot) miles and then turned and ran 1.55 (still hot) miles back. 

I had been planning on running this race for a while after I axed the idea of the Color Me Rad run since it was in the afternoon in the Oklahoma heat (we’re talking 100+). This race was at 8 pm and there was a breeze! Only 92 degrees when I crossed the finish line.

(Yeah, I know. ONLY 92. Welcome to the Great Plains in July. Here’s a bottle of water, you’ll need it.)

Me and B post-race. Not cute.

I had lots of time to prepare for this race, but about three days before, I came down with some sort of mysterious cold-like illness. Sore throat, coughing, runny nose- the works. My Google medical degree said that it wasn’t strep or mono, so I decided to fight it out at home- no doctor visit. Running the race wasn’t terribly difficult while sick, but I felt especially exhausted afterwards. Breathing was easy for the first 2 miles, but the third mile was a struggle with my stuffy nose.

I ran the first two miles, then limped along during the third mile because my feet went numb (again). This is becoming a common occurrence that might need a doctor’s attention. Big frowny face. But about a quarter mile out, a nice lady running ahead of me called out to me to keep going. We ran together until the finish. Thanks, nice lady in the Red Coyote shirt! You helped tons.