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Back Door Barbecue



Located in the Uptown 23rd neighborhood of OKC, Back Door Barbecue is another soon-to-be staple of my diet. I can’t express how delicious this food was. Bye bye, Norman Rudy’s. This is true love because I am abandoning a TEXAS restaurant for you, Back Door BBQ. Understand this Texas native’s sacrifice.

Pictured above is my order, the one meat plate (pulled pork) with two sides, the slaw, which wasn’t overly creamy and had cilantro and bell pepper (exciting!), and the fried pickled okra, which I can’t stop talking about. I am getting really good at working fried pickled okra into my everyday conversations.


Here’s B with his Q-ban, which he added the house mustard sauce to, claiming it took the sandwich “to the next level”. It was pretty fantastic. He also got the fries, which were obviously homemade and tasty, especially with all of the sauces that we tried liberal amounts of. Can you have too much BBQ sauce? I think not.


Even though I was so full, I couldn’t leave without trying a pie-in-a-jar. I mean, check out that adorable deliciousness! This was their coconut + banana cream pie, which was pretty amazing. I would have liked more crust, but we all know I’m a carb addict that likes crust better than filling in every pie. Warning to not-coconut-lovers: this puppy has a ton of coconut, do NOT order. Also, why are you so weird, coconut hater?!

Final verdict: I plan on eating here so often they memorize my order.


Photo of the Day: a cuppycake from Sara Sara Cupcakes in OKC. Apricot ricotta cupcakes are my love language.


Photo of the Day: it’s a little chilly and wet here in Oklahoma City.

Flint: A Love Story


B surprised me on Saturday morning and took me to one of my favorite restaurants, Flint! It’s in the bottom of the Colcord Hotel in Oklahoma City, and their food is to die for. When I finished my half marathon, I ordered one of their huge cheeseburgers and ate in in my fluffy bed at the Colcord. Basically heaven on earth.


We started off with some $2 mimosas, which rocked my world. That’s a cherry in the bottom of the glass!


I got the egg white omelet with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, and butternut squash with a side of potato hash and toast (not pictured). I ate every bit of it!

imageB got what I ordered the first time I went to Flint, the lemon ricotta pancakes! They were so light and fluffy, and they came with some cutely packaged syrup.

We loved our experience with the food, but unfortunately, as we were leaving, the credit card machine broke and we had to wait around for about 15 minutes for someone to find a way to charge our card. We offered to go get cash from an ATM, but there wasn’t one near the hotel. It would have been cool if the manager had come over and at least told us they were working on it, but everyone seemed too busy to tell us what was going on even though we were the only ones in the restaurant at the time.

Hopefully, this was just a one-time hiccup because I love the ambiance food, and prices of Flint! We paid around $25 for two brunches and two mimosas, so that’s a great deal for feeling so fancy. I totally recommend this place to anyone (though you might want to bring cash).

Gettin’ my hipster on at H & 8th



Last Friday, I completed something on my OKC bucket list— going to H & 8th! H & 8th is a night market held in midtown OKC at the intersections of (you guessed it) Hudson and 8th Street. About 15 food trucks crowded the streets with lines for food and beer zigzagging all over the place. Pretty much every demographic of OKC residents were there, including OU HSC students still in their scrubs, young professionals tweeting up a storm, parents with kids, and single people with adorable puppies.

But enough describing the boring stuff. Let’s get to the important part: food.

I had smoked sausage gumbo from La Gumbo YaYa and a POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava) shave ice from Huey’s. Loved both. I had never had gumbo before, and it rocked my world! The ice was also really soft and yummy.

B had pizza from Hall’s Pizza Kitchen (pictured at the top of the post) and an onion burger from El Reno’s Onion Burgers.

The scenery was beautiful (hello, new federal building!) and the atmosphere was rockin’. If you like what you hear, hit up the last H & 8th of the summer on the last Friday in September! (I’ll be there. That should be motivation enough.)


Photo of the Day: Gumbo! This sneak peek pic is a preview of my post about H and 8th, a night market in downtown Oklahoma City that totally rocked my world. So many food trucks. So many cute puppies. So much fun!

Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon Race Recap, Part 2


So, when I left you last, I was heading out for the race, correct?

Good. Let’s get caught up.

My family and I headed down towards the memorial, and, after narrowly missing the start of the race because I thought some random mass of people was the corral, I made my way through the (real) massive corral and found my friend Wesley at the 9:30 pace marker! While I knew I couldn’t keep this pace for the whole race, I didn’t want to be alone so I hung by him while we listened to the prayer, the seconds of silence, and the horn that signaled the beginning of the race (!!!!!).

It took me 7 minutes to cross the start line, and I began running to the tune of Sweet Caroline. Mile 1 was nothing short of magical. I ran by my hotel, by the firefighters completing the race in full gear, by the arena, and over the first hill of the race on the Bricktown bridge. I went out too fast (shocker) and had a 9:45 first mile. I continued at a pretty good pace until, unfortunately, my right foot started going numb at mile 2. While I thought my shoes were loose enough, they weren’t. (I still haven’t found a solution to this problem.) Luckily, I had trained through this, and knew that if I took off my shoe for about 15 seconds, the numbness would go away. So that’s how I ran miles 2-4, stopping about every half mile to un-numb my feet and then pushing forward again.

I didn’t tell anyone I was having foot problems because I didn’t want them to worry (sorry, family), and when I met K at mile 4, I didn’t stop to un-numb myself until after I saw her leave. (Let’s talk about how awesome K is, she walked a 10k’s worth chasing my butt all over Oklahoma City.)

Mile 5-6 started our journey through some really pretty neighborhoods, and it brought the epicness of Gorilla Hill!image

Unfortunately, it was also at this point that I realized I was developing a blister on my left foot, right where the upper and the sole of my Mizunos met. I messed with my shoe for a bit, but then resolved to just keep going and try to ignore it. I was too scared to take my sock off and see how big it was because I didn’t want to give myself a reason to slow down or give up. I knew there were medical tents coming up later, and I resolved to stop for a band-aid if it got super unbearable.

At this point in the race, I had a moment of discouragement. I saw the race clock at mile 7 and thought I was moving way below my goal time. My left foot hurt. My right foot was numb. It was getting hotter. It took all the strength I had to power through. I resolved to quit walking so much, make up the time I had lost and ignore all the pain. “Only Way I Know” by Jason Aldean came on my iPod, and all of a sudden, I had my second wind. I remember literally singing the song through gritted teeth as I made my way toward the half/full split.

The half marathon course then took a turn down Classen Boulevard, and, since I had creeped on the course so hard, I knew that the end was coming. It was a straight shot down Classen for 20+ blocks until it wound through Mesta Park and then across to Broadway. I was so thankful for my “second wind” because, quite frankly, this stretch of the race was boring. I was going straight for so long, it felt so hot outside, I had started getting awful stomach cramps, and I just wanted it to be over. Luckily, there were some great water stops with yummy snacks and drinks that kept me going. I did not, however, indulge in the free local beer being passed out.

K was meeting me on this stretch of the course, but I was having trouble remembering what she had said in her text (blame it on race brain). I expected her at 33rd Street, but she wasn’t there. So I thought, “maybe it was 30th Street!”. Nope. It was actually 23rd Street. Oops. That was a little frustrating.


When I finally saw K, I remember grabbing her arm like it was a life raft. I said (I think), “I’m so tired. I have a huge blister on my foot.” She responded “There’s only a 5k left!”. And she was right. It was mile 10. I had reached my personal distance record.

It was also right around this time that I realized I AM SO BAD AT MATH. I wasn’t running slower than a 3:00 pace, I was running way faster! At this point, I was ahead of the 2:30 pace group.

Yeah. I suck at math.

I was so happy after that. Everything was awesome. I was running through a gorgeous area with historic homes, everyone on the course was so supportive, and I had adopted an attitude of “it’s not going to hurt anymore than it already does, so keep running”.

That attitude got me all of the way to Broadway.


The finish line was rocking. I ran my hardest down Broadway. I knew my mom and family were waiting for me. I blasted Florence and the Machine’s “Shake It Out” and heard the crowd roaring even over that music. (That song got me through that race, hands down).

I can’t describe the feeling that crossing that finish line gave me. I know it’s a moment I’ll never forget.

I heard my mom’s iconic horse whistle and saw her and my other family members in the finish corral. I stumbled over and we hugged. I remember saying, “I’m so tired. I’m so glad it’s over. I’m so tired.” I started crying tears of joy and my parents were super concerned that I was injured. I left them to go get my medal and take my picture and then they met me outside the medical tent, where my huge blister was patched up.

It was over.


Photo of the Day: Finally got this up on the wall! I went to the Goodwill down the street from my house—it’s huge, full of great home goods, and usually not very busy! I picked up this frame for $2. It has a chip in the frame but you’d never notice unless I told you (which I just did, oops…). Already envisioning some wall art clusters a la Young House Love in my new apartment with this prominently displayed.

What I’ve Learned About Half-Marathon Training So Far


  • Don’t eat sport beans with caffeine.
  • Long run on the weekend, keep your base up during the week.
  • Don’t stress if you miss a midweek run.
  • Cross train when you’re not running.
  • Yes, you must cross train.
  • Don’t buy new shoes too close to a race, but….
  • Don’t race in too-worn shoes.
  • Take it at your own pace.
  • Try and find time to run or workout with friends. They might be faster than you, but treadmills go at anyone’s pace. And you always need a helper to count crunches.
  • Make this battle personal. It’s the only way you’ll find the strength to train for so long, to skip going out with your friends in order to hit the gym, to get up on race morning and pour yourself into shoes and hit the pavement.

Feeling Fine at 9 (+1)


This post is super late but it’s been in the drafts folder for two weeks! My bad.

I ran 9 miles today.
I ran 10 miles today!

Don’t you love it when you’re bad at calculating distances? Or does that just happen to me… Read on for the full story.

I made a huge mistake during this run: leaving at 11 am so that I could get the run out of the way and see my friends later that evening. By the time I was in the “please, God, strike me down anytime now” portion of my run, it was almost 80 degrees and the hot Oklahoma sun was beating down on my poor little frame.

I did my two mile loop twice to get 4 miles out of the way, but then I realized that due to the heat, I couldn’t wait 20 minutes in between water breaks. So, I switched to a one mile loop. I’m sure everyone who was doing yardwork thought I was literally insane running around in a circle 5 times. Such is the life of a distance runner.

So, I get home, thinking that I’ve completed my 9 miles at a somewhat slow pace for me, but that’s alright. Then I get the itch to check mapmyrun.com…

Turns out each of my loops was about .1 over what I thought it was. (So my 2 mile loop is really 2.2 miles, my 1 mile is 1.1) Not that much, right? But when you’re doing it 9 times, it adds up. So I wasn’t incredibly slow! I was just running more than I thought I was!

10 miles/ 2 hours

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