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Photo of the Day: A postcard from Katie!

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IKEA is on an innovative roll these days and have just announce the KNÄPPA flat-pack cardboard digital camera. The KNÄPPA the flat-pack cardboard digital camera (made out one a single folded piece of cardboard) runs on two AA batteries and can hold up to 40 pictures of 2.3 megapixels.

It also has a swing-out USB plug, viewfinder cutout, shutter key and paperclip-friendly erase button. The camera will be handed out for free to all customers who purchase anything from their PS Furniture Collection.

Check out the video (above) for more info! Pretty cool, no?

Kate and I are Ikea connoisseurs! We will buy this posthaste.

Dear Kate


Well, it’s here. I’m about to go back to Norman and unfortunately, I will be leaving you here in the Lone Star State. In about two weeks, you’ll be on a really long, really unfortunate plane to a country that several people (my mother) didn’t know existed.

And I am going to miss you SO HARD OMG HOW WILL I LIVE TEARS EVERY DAY ALL OF THE TIME. See that face you’re making in that picture up there (the one that I took)? That’s gonna be my life. And I’m really not as cute as you are so it’s going to be a real challenge for the people of the Earth to tolerate me.

I’m real glad I’m not coming to the airport, cause you said there was a rule about crying in airports and excuse my language but if I had to watch you walk away (and then awkwardly still be in my line of sight because the TSA is feeling you up) I would LOSE MY SHIT. I would UGLY CRY FOR YOU, KATHERINE.

So this is why you must come back from the land of Ikeas in biking distance in one solid piece. Don’t get any piercings or tattoos. Don’t seduce men with your exotic American-ness, but also resist the urge to sit at home and work on your night cheese every evening.

FOR SERIOUS, Y’ALL. Katie, I love you so much. You are one of my best friends in the whole wide world and there will be far less magic/fun/awkwardness in Norman with you so, so, so far away. I will miss you like crazy. It’s going to be so hard when I can’t just text you at midnight with any number of foul words and you will respond (hey, guys, totally just did that, by the way) cheerfully. Who am I going to take naps with in the middle of the day? (it’s not awkward, we’ve contacted several sources) Who am I going to complain about the campus newspaper with? Who am I going to calm down when they are freaking out about any number of stressful things?

There will just have to be a Kate-sized void in my heart until you come home.



P. S. This is my temporary guest post, hope you like it. I’ll write a serious one. Promise.



Mozzarella sticks

(via irrezolut)

Why are mozzarella sticks so good? And more importantly, why is cheese so good? Kate will know the answer to this, I’m sure.



chicken bacon ranch panini.

Another dish that Kate would enjoy. Bacon and ranch.

Plus-size campaign highlights misconceptions of women



 I’ll never understand why the fashion industry ignores women of size when they make up such a significant part of the market.


Amen, sista! Even if you believe that plus-sized people are just dumb roly polies who lounge around with Big Macs all day (HINT: they aren’t), you can still see that American Apparel doesn’t quite understand marketing, advertising, or the public relations nightmare that has just exploded in their faces.

I’d rather have a big butt than be dumb enough to think that if you call people booty-ful, they will buy your pants.

Around The World In Katie Days: I’m gonna miss you like crazy even if I’m halfway ’round the world



cheesy bacon ranch pull apart bread.

“Cheesy bacon ranch” anything sounds like Katie heaven. And my heaven too.