Well, it’s here. I’m about to go back to Norman and unfortunately, I will be leaving you here in the Lone Star State. In about two weeks, you’ll be on a really long, really unfortunate plane to a country that several people (my mother) didn’t know existed.

And I am going to miss you SO HARD OMG HOW WILL I LIVE TEARS EVERY DAY ALL OF THE TIME. See that face you’re making in that picture up there (the one that I took)? That’s gonna be my life. And I’m really not as cute as you are so it’s going to be a real challenge for the people of the Earth to tolerate me.

I’m real glad I’m not coming to the airport, cause you said there was a rule about crying in airports and excuse my language but if I had to watch you walk away (and then awkwardly still be in my line of sight because the TSA is feeling you up) I would LOSE MY SHIT. I would UGLY CRY FOR YOU, KATHERINE.

So this is why you must come back from the land of Ikeas in biking distance in one solid piece. Don’t get any piercings or tattoos. Don’t seduce men with your exotic American-ness, but also resist the urge to sit at home and work on your night cheese every evening.

FOR SERIOUS, Y’ALL. Katie, I love you so much. You are one of my best friends in the whole wide world and there will be far less magic/fun/awkwardness in Norman with you so, so, so far away. I will miss you like crazy. It’s going to be so hard when I can’t just text you at midnight with any number of foul words and you will respond (hey, guys, totally just did that, by the way) cheerfully. Who am I going to take naps with in the middle of the day? (it’s not awkward, we’ve contacted several sources) Who am I going to complain about the campus newspaper with? Who am I going to calm down when they are freaking out about any number of stressful things?

There will just have to be a Kate-sized void in my heart until you come home.



P. S. This is my temporary guest post, hope you like it. I’ll write a serious one. Promise.