I’m living in my college town over the summer while I intern at the Y, and my university is super awesome and offers tons of summer events.

Which is why…

…I found myself here—at a crawfish boil!

The event started at 11 am, and by 11:15, when my friends and I arrived, the line was even longer than this! At this point, they ran out of catfish and jambalaya. Major sad face. Luckily, we were there for the main event.

These puppies were hard to eat. Mostly because we had never done it before, and had no training. Oops. My sorority sister and roommate BB also had lots of trouble eating something that had eyes.

Me, I just posed for pictures with them.

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So we ditched the free food and walked to the Fuzzy’s north of campus, where I got a tempura shrimp taco (delicious) and a veggie taco (not as delicious) to supplement my crawfish.

While we had to, you know, buy more food, as I kept saying throughout the meal, “this was an experience!!”.

A delicious one.