Easy to make usually means easy to mess up, so that’s what I did!

Pictures and a full story later.

Updated: So, I was really hankering for some chocolate chip cookies ever since my stepmom made this awesome batch of chocolate chip cookies with Oreos embedded inside them. But I wanted to add an (easy) twist. So I just followed the Toll House recipe on my bag of chocolate chips (substituting a cup of white chocolate chips for the second cup of normal) and put the dough in a mini muffin tin.

My first mistake was trying to “soften” butter in the microwave. Apparently, it gets real hot in there. Butter = melted. Sydney = sad face. We were out of butter, so I just decided to go with it. Already stressed, I made my second mistake. Instead of cracking my first egg on the bowl like a normal person, I slammed it against the granite counter top. Egg went everywhere, y’all. Not fun to clean up.

Luckily, the cookie cups were super delicious. All packed up for a trip to the fridge!