During my daily deluge of daytime television on my favorite channels (TLC/OWN/FoodNetwork), I’ve been confronted with an odd fact.

I’ve become that girl.

The one who starts to tear up at the ASPCA commercials with that “Angel” song (Seriously. The sad puppy with “WHY ARE YOU BEATING ME?!?!?!” in red letters RUINS me). The one who has to change the radio whenever Celine Dion’s voice comes over the airwaves. 

I’m a crier.

I tend to use my well-developed tear reflex (from years of theatre/on-cue crying) to scare people into helping me/being nicer, but it’s rare that fictional things make me cry.

I’ve always been greatly opposed to crying at the TV. When I was a kid, I remember weeping when Pooh sang about how lonely he was during his Grand Adventure. I remember leaving the room so my mom wouldn’t see my budding tears at “Edward Scissorhands”. I’ve never watched a second of that movie since.

But while I watch TV nowadays? I see Miley Cyrus’ dad surprising kids with their soldier mommies and daddies and I’m a TOTAL MESS. And it’s a COMMERCIAL, y’all. Not even the real show.

Maybe it’s because I’m overly emotional these days because the boyfriend is like 1000 miles away. Maybe I’m just getting older and I care more about stuff like that? Whatever the reason, I’ve gotta learn to lock it up. My dog looks really concerned whenever I’m yelling at Billy Ray to quit making me bawl.