So, you guys remember when I gushed all over the blog about the Ben & Jerry’s new Greek yogurt flavors?

Well, if you missed it, here it is.

I indulged my obsession again this morning when I went on a boredom trip to Target.

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source: the Googles

I love pineapple, and I love Greek yogurt. This (impulse) purchase was a no-brainer.

I licked the lid when I opened it, because I am a 6 year old that’s just what you do with yogurt, and it was shockingly tart. Much more tart than the vanilla part of the Ben & Jerry’s. I quickly twirled my spoon around in the carton to mix the pineapple on the bottom with the yogurt. Another quick taste. Muuuuch better.

I give this Greek yogurt 8 Big Fat Greek Weddings out of 10. I would really have loved more pineapple, but I’m a pineapple freak special, so you normals would probably be satisfied.