…is what I had for dinner last night!

Too hungry, no pictures. (Is that the food blogger’s form of tl;dr?)

(‘too long; didn’t read’ for the uninitiated)

Redneck spaghetti probably goes against everything Italian food stands for. Except deliciousness.

Its politically correct name is “chicken spaghetti”, and the chicken is probably the only redeeming quality as far as health that this dish has. I mean, it’s ingredients include mass amounts of cheddar cheese, noodles, and a can of Rotel. (Please tell me you guys know the wonders of Rotel + Velveeta + ground beef queso? It better not be a Texas thing. The whole world needs to know about this guilty, guilty pleasure.) It’s basically queso with chicken and noodles. And some olives and onion.

And it was served with huge hunks of bread with more cheese melted on top. And I had feta cheese on my salad (like 3 spoonfuls). I’ve definitely got my calcium for the next 5 years…

Anywho, find a recipe and make redneck spaghetti when you’ve been freshly fired or dumped (or you found out that Nora Ephron died, WHAT THE HECK, so sad). It’s Southern comfort food at it’s best.

(For real, my grandmother was talking about how many funerals she’s been to where this was a main attraction.)

Bon appetit!