Thursdays have become Pie Days in B’s apartment.

This has led to several weekly occurrences, one of which being pie appearing in the oven every Thursday, and another one of which being me running up and down the hallways singing “Pie day, pie day, gotta get down on pie day!” to the tune of Rebecca Black’s Friday.

The first Pie Day was celebrated with a wonderfully mediocre pumpkin pie with a lattice crust. Last week’s Pie Day featured apple pie with a lattice crust, which created some divisions in the house. B likes his apple pie with Braeburn apples. I am a Granny Smith apple + one-cup-of-sugar-to-counter-the-tartness purist. I actually detailed this argument in a job interview last week. Not really sure if it was appropriate or not, but it got a chuckle. And I’m great about talking food. As you all know. 

What should this week’s pie be, Tumblr-verse?!