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Photo of the Day: Me at the Newseum in Washington DC over Spring Break! Such an amazing place. I think I spent 3 hours in the front page room.

Me: “Can’t you expense a cab?” Journo friend: “No, our division is broke. We haven’t had pens in a year.” … Journo friend, continued: “I wrote with a highlighter for a week because that’s all I could find.” #partylikeajournalist



Cut.  Paste.  Erase.

illustration by Viet Huynh :: via leepro.deviantart.com

I’ve always wanted to learn how to do cool graphic design like this. I think that would require some artistic talent, however. I’m only good with cameras.



Today in my American Lives class, we discussed who would be this era’s Will Rogers- basically someone who was able to look at American culture and society and both participate in and poke fun at it.

Someone brought up Tina Fey as a possible candidate for this role. We discussed her many talents, her books, and her comedy.

I noticed that no one mentioned that she was a wife and mother, but that isn’t necessarily considered an accomplishment in society any longer.

I thought during class of when I used to wish that I was like Tina Fey. Well-written, funny, talented, successful. Appreciated.

I still want these things. I want to be appreciated. I want people to look up to my accomplishments, to look up to me.

Maybe that will be a college student. Maybe that will be my own children.

I want to be Tina Fey to someone.



News editors are always looking to engage their readers through flashy headlines and shocking crawlers. I love how designer Emily Roose flips that concept on its head by combining the urgency of breaking news with the unassuming medium of cross-stitch in her master’s thesis project, Slow Breaking News.

Via: The Sketchy Pixel

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.



New York Times cupcake.

A cuppycake after my own heart.