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Feeling Mood(board)y


I’ve been reading a lot of Young House Love lately, and that combined with my latest furniture purchase has left me feeling a bit inspired. So here’s a mood board for what I’m hoping my big girl living room will look like. Most items are from Ikea or West Elm. The West Elm pretties are DEFINITELY a reach in the $$$ department, but I’ve found a couple DIY tutorials on how to craft my own mirrored table and create my own copper light fixture.

Check it out, and let me know what you think! I can hear my mama in my ear now, “It’s so contemporary!”.

Ikea EKTORP TULLSTA + Me: A Craigslist Adventure


To cure boredom during my last long Christmas break, I’ve been perusing Craigslist to find furniture for the apartment I will (hopefully!) be moving into in May. When hunting, I usually search direct store names that I’m hoping to find goods from, like “Ikea”, “West Elm”, or “Pottery Barn”.

So, I popped in “Ikea”, and this popped out….

Two Ikea EKTORP TULLSTA chairs for $50?!?!

I quickly emailed the seller because this was just too good to be true. For reference, the Ikea website lists them as retailing…

….$129 A PIECE!

Yes, kids, that’s a savings of over $100 a chair. This was a deal I just couldn’t pass up! The seller lived a mere 20 minutes down the road, so my stepmom and I drove our little SUV up there to fetch these two beauties.

I was scared that the seller would be some creepy serial killer because CRAIGSLIST, but he was totally nice and normal! The chairs were pristine and pretty darn comfy for Ikea products. We carted them home and I now walk into the spare bedroom twice daily to sit in them and admire them.


I plan on reviewing these chairs soon, so keep your eyes peeled!




IKEA is on an innovative roll these days and have just announce the KNÄPPA flat-pack cardboard digital camera. The KNÄPPA the flat-pack cardboard digital camera (made out one a single folded piece of cardboard) runs on two AA batteries and can hold up to 40 pictures of 2.3 megapixels.

It also has a swing-out USB plug, viewfinder cutout, shutter key and paperclip-friendly erase button. The camera will be handed out for free to all customers who purchase anything from their PS Furniture Collection.

Check out the video (above) for more info! Pretty cool, no?

Kate and I are Ikea connoisseurs! We will buy this posthaste.