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With a new year comes new adventures, right? Not just for people, apparently! Cuppycakes will be undergoing a new adventure in this new year, and I am so excited to share it with you…

…soon. But not yet.

One change that I can tell you about is the addition of a posting calendar. Each week, I will post about a certain thing on a certain day. That way you will know what to look for each week and will never miss one riveting word of my epic entries.

Mondays will be food posts,

Wednesdays will be fashion posts,

and Fridays will be fitness posts.

Other days of the week will be added as I get used to this schedule. Best thing about it is that if I or you hate it, it ends!

2012 in Review


I shopped a lot at J. Crew.

I said goodbye to Katie.

I fell in love with running, and proceeded to run four 5k races.

I also got injured.

I ate a lot of snowcones.

I baked a lot.

I started eating almond butter.

I began my obsession with the Hunger Games. Like, I’m really obsessed.

I took lots of pictures.

I also lost 25 pounds, but I didn’t really write about that because I find it awkward to discuss in polite company.

Yeah. That’s about it.

Oh, hey, about that…


Sorry for the neglect, readers! I’m part of a sorority and we are currently in the throes of formal recruitment.

We host 14 rush parties on Friday, and I am super excited and busier than God right now.

Recruitment ends on August 15, and I will be returning to this blog then, of course! So sit tight, pull up the archives, and wait patiently for my eventual return.

Summer Vacation is Over


Hey, y’all!

I’ve returned from my internet embargo (aka West Texas), and after eating way too many popsicles and taking several naps a day, I’m ready to start posting again!

Also, I’ve shopped maybe way too much in the past three weeks, so get ready for some epic fashion posts!

If I blog about it, that means I can write it off my taxes, right?!



…from a pro foodie.

Do not eat mass amounts of fried food twice in two weekends. Especially when you generally stay away from processed/fried foods.

You will feel like you are dying.

Posting will return soon, promise!