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The Cost of Being a Runner


I was inspired by Meghann’s recap of how much it cost her to train for an Ironman, so I composed this little recap of my spending over the past year on my tiny running habit. While I’m not an Ironman by any means, I did drop a pretty penny for a college student!

Race entries (Oklahoma City Half Marathon, Route 66 Half Marathon, and about 6 5ks- some of which were free): $260

Hotel costs for out-of-driving-distance races: $225

Food while traveling to races: $30

New shoes (I replace mine yearly): $120

Running gear that was purchased this year: $75

Miscellaneous racing stuff (fuel beans, Nuun, fuel belt): $50

Extras (race shirts): $50

TOTAL: $810

Close to $1000 spent on running last year! Oof. Luckily, some of these costs were covered by my family (shoes by my parents, a hotel room by my aunt). I still included them, however, to present a more accurate picture of the cost.

What do you think? Too much spent on a little hobby? I honestly thought it might be more, but I’m okay with spending this amount on something that brings me so much happiness. $1000 sounds like a lot, but it obviously wasn’t all at once and I save up for a while before I blow cash on large items like half-marathon entries or a new jacket. Do you have a hobby that costs you some serious cash?

Grocery Shopping for the Young, Broke, and Health Conscious


Last month, I was able to move into my first ever apartment.

I know you’re all expecting some cute design photos, but unfortunately, this is only a summer gig. My sweet friend E is letting me sublet a room in her apartment while I wander around OKC this summer at my three (!!!) jobs. I don’t see the point in decorating a place that I’ll only be in for 10 weeks, so all my adorable decorating will have to hold tight for a bit.

My first forays into grocery shopping have begun, however, so I’ve decided to keep track of what I buy, what it costs, and where I went. That way, I can try to keep my costs down and inform you all about where to shop and what to buy if you’re a budding semi-organic/peanut-free foodie on a Taco Bell Value Menu budget.

For my first shopping trips, I went to Target, Homeland (local grocery chain), and Sprouts (a new natural foods store). I’ve spent $70 and I think I’ve gotten about 2 weeks worth of groceries.

I bought…

Deli turkey
Fresh baked bread
Baby carrots
3 apples
2 tomatoes
2 frozen burritos (Amy’s and Evol)
2 Chobani yogurts
A bag of grapes
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Laughing cow cheese
Wheat thins
Fruit cups
Salad dressing
2 pack of Justin’s almond butter
Black beans

Sour cream
6 pack of Gatorade

2 organic pastas
2 mangoes

We’ll see how long these last! I will also have posts detailing how my grocery budget has gone down significantly thanks to a growing trend…

Two for Tempo


After taking a nice week off of running (oops), I hit the treadmill for some fast tempo miles. I was channeling Ricky “I wanna go fast” Bobby the entire time. I probably should have pushed more, seeing as tempo miles are really supposed to be speedy (read: painful wishes for death), but I felt good about them. Running 9 minute miles has (thankfully) gotten easier. I never thought it would.



This past Saturday, I ran the Oklahoma Run to Defeat Diabetes held by an OU fraternity. I wasn’t sure I was going to participate until I got a free entry through my sorority. (This race even gave us tech tees. Um, hello, so there.)

Race morning was cold and just a bit windy. While it was significantly warmer than my 5k last winter, I was still a bit chilly waiting for the gun to go off. (Speaking of, I never actually heard the gun…oops.) I intended on wearing a long sleeve tech tee, another short sleeve shirt, and long leggings, but this was not enough. Luckily, B is the Responsible One and provided me with extra layers.

This also made me look like a ninja.

The best part of this race is that I did not wish for death at any point, and that is a personal victory!

Also, I PRed, and my feet didn’t go numb (likely thanks to my new running method, the Galloway Method, google it, it’s the coolest).

Mile 1: 9:48

Mile 2: 10:46

Mile 3: 10:38

Positive splits are yucky but definitely due to my running method.

BEST 5K EVER. On to the 10k!

An Anti-“health” Manifesto


Your way is not the best way.

I know, I know. I’ve bruised your ego so much you’re probably just going to go back to Facebook. It’s okay, I won’t let my feelings get hurt.

Something I write about often is my love of fitness and healthy eating. (In fact, I’m about to make it a new section on the blog!) I don’t like to focus on numbers, because the terrific way I feel is reason enough to do it, but I’ve lost weight and overall, I think I’m a healthier person than I was last year. I can run a 5k. I have defined leg muscles. I somehow found my biceps and triceps. The double chin I dread in pictures is fading. I don’t need my inhaler after climbing the three flights of stairs up to my room.

Most of all, I feel strong. I know now that I can do so much more than I think I can.

That’s really the most important thing, I think. Because being healthy physically does not mean you’re happy, does not mean you’re better than anyone else, does not mean that everyone can fit in your mold of “health”.

“Fitness” and “health” are subjective terms. What you find healthy, I might find the antithesis of a healthy lifestyle.

So think on that before you tell someone that you want to make them healthy your way. Your way is not the only way, and may not be the best way for that person. Since I’m a college student, I have lots of free time to be spent in the gym. If I had a big-girl job, I would probably have to be on a stricter diet because I can’t spend 7 hours a week in the gym. 

Your way is not the only way. My way is not the only way.

Respect your friends enough to not push them into your way, your health, and your beliefs.

Think about it.

Down, but Not Out


I seem to have done something extremely tragic to my knee.

And it’s really, really, superbly depressing.

“Why is it,” I tell my friends on the phone, “that when I finally do want to exercise, my stupid knee stupidly fails me?”

They respond “maybe you should have stretched more.”

It hurts on the side and behind my right knee.

Any diagnoses, audience? All contributions, even silly ones, will be referenced in a future post.