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Photo of the Day: a quick selfie from a rather loud colored gym outfit I wore last week. Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m working on a massive Cuppycakes redesign that should be rolling out around Valentines Day!

An Anti-“health” Manifesto


Your way is not the best way.

I know, I know. I’ve bruised your ego so much you’re probably just going to go back to Facebook. It’s okay, I won’t let my feelings get hurt.

Something I write about often is my love of fitness and healthy eating. (In fact, I’m about to make it a new section on the blog!) I don’t like to focus on numbers, because the terrific way I feel is reason enough to do it, but I’ve lost weight and overall, I think I’m a healthier person than I was last year. I can run a 5k. I have defined leg muscles. I somehow found my biceps and triceps. The double chin I dread in pictures is fading. I don’t need my inhaler after climbing the three flights of stairs up to my room.

Most of all, I feel strong. I know now that I can do so much more than I think I can.

That’s really the most important thing, I think. Because being healthy physically does not mean you’re happy, does not mean you’re better than anyone else, does not mean that everyone can fit in your mold of “health”.

“Fitness” and “health” are subjective terms. What you find healthy, I might find the antithesis of a healthy lifestyle.

So think on that before you tell someone that you want to make them healthy your way. Your way is not the only way, and may not be the best way for that person. Since I’m a college student, I have lots of free time to be spent in the gym. If I had a big-girl job, I would probably have to be on a stricter diet because I can’t spend 7 hours a week in the gym. 

Your way is not the only way. My way is not the only way.

Respect your friends enough to not push them into your way, your health, and your beliefs.

Think about it.