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What I Ate: July 20, 2012


Today, B made me and D and BB dinner since we’ve had him and his roommates over so often. A (not A-dawg, he’s in Florida) was also in attendance.

On the menu? Fajitas of the beef and chicken variety, guac, and corn salsa!

The beef was barely cooked, like I like it, and the citrus marinade was great. The corn salsa was an AMAZING replica of Chipotle’s corn salsa. I could have eaten it for days. I’ll link to a recipe later.

We munched on taffy from a friend in California for dessert. And we’ll probably make a run for more foods later, since that’s what we do on Fridays.

Pictures to come when I’m not mobile blogging!



roasted corn guacamole.

My boyfriend would love this.

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