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Fashionable Friday: Manicure Style


Fashionable Friday: Got bored last night and decided to do my nails! My friends Emily and Alyssa got me this pretty blue Revlon nail polish for my birthday last month, so I did 2 coats of that and then tried to layer just a bit of blue sparkle along the edge, almost like it was fading out.


Fashionable Friday, gameday edition!

D and I went out to cheer on our Sooners this evening. We narrowly pulled out a win, 69-13. It was a nailbiter, y’all.

Top: Lauren Conrad
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: DSW


Date night look from Tuesday! We headed up to have sushi in OKC. It was nice out, so I wore a sleeveless polka dot top (with a bow—my favorite) and cuffed jean shorts with turquoise sandals and my new favorite accessory, chevron rings!



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How do y’all feel about pants like this? I can’t decide if they’re weird or cute. Help me out! Crowdsourcing fashion is always acceptable.

Fashion. Fast. (part 1)


If you’re like me, you can barely find time to shower in the morning, let alone pick out a stunning outfit that highlights your rockin’ curves/loooong legs/ghetto booty. And I have hardly any time at night, too. Who wants to struggle through their closet in the dark (roommate) at midnight after editing video for so long their eyes can no longer stay open for more than seconds at a time? (That was a very personal example).

My own plight is what inspired me to write this series, because I firmly believe this: fashion doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, or money.  Just a trained eye and a few minutes devoted to analyzing your wardrobe a week.

This is the introduction post, and I’m off to take pictures of what I believe are staples for dressing fashionably fast for a college student. I’ll also be tackling professional wardrobe in later posts, for all you fancy ladies with real jobs (because who knows what business professional means anyway?).

Review: Jason Wu for Target


Today, I made a special trip to Target to check our their new Jason Wu line before all the Norman vultures got it. Here is my take on the new pieces!

Wu’s collection was highly vintage inspired; pieces like this blue dotted blouse were available in several colors. This is a trend that lots of other mid-range stores (read: Old Navy, Forever 21) are pursuing, but Wu’s pieces are likely of higher quality and offer more detail, such as the tie and trim on the sleeves.

Stripes play a major role in Wu’s collection, but they are often used in creative ways, such as the trim on this poplin dress. His stripes are also usually not even or the same size, adding interest to the pieces.

Wu’s pieces also feature pairings of different fabrics; for example, this tank top has a sheer panel at the top. Blue is heavily featured (as you can see in this post) with pops of neon red and yellow and neutrals like cream and white.

Overall, I’d say that most of Wu’s collection is worth buying. While some items (a cotton shirt with a cat on it for $19.99) are overpriced, the detail is usually worth the price. Quality isn’t top notch, but for a store where I can buy silk dresses and a loaf of bread, I’ll take it.

All items can be found at Target stores or on the Target website. Prices range from $19.99-$59.99.

Fashionably Fit


So, I told you guys last week about my love affair with running. Now it’s time to show you how I do it while still looking fabulous.

A Nike hat is a good way to keep your inevitable flyaway hairs under control.  I recently got bangs again, so to save time I usually just sweep my bangs to the side and tuck them in this hat (with the rest of my hair in a ponytail). The dri-fit fabric keeps your head from getting too sweaty as well. The width is thankfully adjustable; I usually get headaches from wearing hats for longer than 10 minutes, but no pain with this one! It is essential. I would buy one in two colors, which I will describe more later.

Creative and colorful running leggings are a must. I bought these at a TJMaxx for $13 and they just happen to be Nike. Score! This leads me to one of my fitness + fashion principles: buy everything in two very different colors. For example, I bought these blue/purple leggings and a pair of plain black leggings with pink/orange accents. If you have pieces in these bright colors, you can always accent with black or white or go all out and have a fully coordinating workout ensemble. Also, DO NOT think you can just buy a pair of $8 Target leggings and think that they will be effective. The fabric that running leggings are made out of keeps you warm (when running outside. You also won’t have to pull them up constantly (a problem I occasionally have with normal leggings) if you buy the right size.

Good layering pieces are another piece of my workout wardrobe. Dri-fit fabric won’t make you sweat if the sun comes out while you run, and it will keep you nice and toasty when you must run in 30 degree weather (which I do often)! Again, purchase these in your two key colors. I have one black Under Armor top and one pink one. I usually throw a semi-baggy t-shirt on over my base layer because the undershirts tend to have short hems.

That’s all for today! Look back next week for a piece on my favorite sorority girl standard, Nike Tempo shorts (“norts”).


Here are several examples of my favorite looks that incorporate neon colors into a spring wardrobe!

H&M v neck blouse, £13
H&M jacket, £18
J Crew long skirt, $120
J.Crew shorts, $68
J Crew leather flat, $138
H&M leather handbag, £15
H&M retro style sunglasses, £4.99
H&M Nail Varnish, £2.99
H&M Nail Varnish, £2.99
H&M Hair Clip/Brooch, £1.99