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Photo of the Day: a cuppycake from Sara Sara Cupcakes in OKC. Apricot ricotta cupcakes are my love language.


Photo of the Day: A delicious chocolate raspberry cake I had at the Canebrake in Tulsa. Amazing resort with even better food.


Photo of the Day: Some shortbread cookies I made for B and his family a few months ago! While they were incredibly difficult to roll out, once they managed to form into recognizable shapes they were delicious! The blue is actually white chocolate, too. Yum yum.


Delicious cupcakes from Sugar Queen!

Nice to meet you, here’s dessert.


The short version: I’m meeting most of my boyfriend’s family next week for spring break. I would like to bake something to bring them.

The rules: It must transport well. I’m taking it on a three hour flight.

The ideas: Brownies? Cookies? Bars?

The suggestions: They enjoy chocolate. Not so much on mint.

Help me, y’all!




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