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Photo of the Day: Some shortbread cookies I made for B and his family a few months ago! While they were incredibly difficult to roll out, once they managed to form into recognizable shapes they were delicious! The blue is actually white chocolate, too. Yum yum.

Cookie Monstress


Last week, I made two- yes, sadly, TWO- batches of cookies.

That’s four sticks of butter, three cups of sugar, a bag of chocolate chips, and a whole lot of calories.

I was having a stressful week. And I still am. Thanks a lot, Life.

But baking takes away the stress for about 45-49 minutes, depending on if I preheat my oven or not.

Making people happy with my simple offering of sugar, flour, eggs and chocolate chips takes away the stress.

Sitting down, dunking my cookie into a cold glass of milk and nibbling on the softening goodness takes away the stress. 

Now, I just need to figure out a way to make negative calorie cookies….