Dear readers, I have a problem.

Not an earth-shattering problem, but a significant one nonetheless.

I spent $50 at Target in the past four days.

Hi, my name is Sydney, and I’m a Sale-oholic.

Seriously, y’all, I see those red tags and “CLEARANCE” signs and I’m a goner! I usually subscribe to a personal policy of “If you don’t love it, don’t buy it”, but it’s so easy to love a three dollar sweater or an eight dollar bracelet. Most of the time, the things I buy I really do love, and wear often (for about 3 weeks until I lose them in the black hole of my closet/drawers/laundry/car). But it’s the things I regret buying that usually sit in the front of my closet, begging to be worn and making me feel ashamed.

How do you resist buying something that is on sale and decent looking?

Please give me your pro tips, because right now I’m looking at a pair of three dollar capris that I’ve never worn and that I think are horrendously ugly.

And, in future, I would like to not look at such things.