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With a new year comes new adventures, right? Not just for people, apparently! Cuppycakes will be undergoing a new adventure in this new year, and I am so excited to share it with you…

…soon. But not yet.

One change that I can tell you about is the addition of a posting calendar. Each week, I will post about a certain thing on a certain day. That way you will know what to look for each week and will never miss one riveting word of my epic entries.

Mondays will be food posts,

Wednesdays will be fashion posts,

and Fridays will be fitness posts.

Other days of the week will be added as I get used to this schedule. Best thing about it is that if I or you hate it, it ends!

Fitness Find: 50by25


I was looking for race reviews of the Route 66 Marathon online last night in an attempt to get pumped for my race later this month, and I happened upon 50by25, a really extensive blog about Laura, the current world record holder for the youngest person to run a marathon in all 50 states! I got lost in her race recaps for about an hour last night, but it was totally worth it.

Fitness Find: Blogilates


Have you guys ever heard of Blogilates? It’s a healthy living blog run by Cassey, who is a Pilates instructor and makes amazing workout videos.

I remember the first Blogilates video I watched- she was doing something called Alphabet Abs and I was totally intrigued. Sadly, I clicked away and forgot about her site until I was looking into DietBet (a weight loss motivator that gives or takes cold hard cash depending on how you perform) and saw that she ran the biggest ever DietBet in the history of the site recently!

Her site is chock-full of interesting healthy living information, exercise plans, and personal stories. My favorites include her first half marathon and this info about ways to feel full even when you’re eating clean!