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Pumpkin Pie Cookies on Thanksgiving


I was getting a little stir-crazy when I got home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. So I made these pumpkin pie cookies, something I had pinned on Pinterest a while ago and never thought I would actually get to. Here’s the result!

The instructions by Sweet Sugar Belle worked perfectly, even with a first-time royal icing user like me. They look pretty much like slices of pumpkin pie, right?!  I didn’t have the special icing tip to make the crust, so I just did a straight line. The cookies were total sugar bombs, and the kitchen was left rather sticky…but they were pretty darn cute.


This year, I am thankful for my loving family, legs to run with, and my two best friends who always support me in my insanity. Happy Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to eat up, kids!

Guess who…


…forgot to take pictures of the Queen of Sheba Cake she made last night for Fake Thanksgiving?

That would totes be me.

I’m super sorry, readers. It was so delicious, all thoughts of blogging, picture-taking or eating with a fork just flew by the wayside.



pork tenderloin with cranberry raspberry sauce.

Cranberry sauce! Always reminds me of Thanksgiving. Tonight is Thanksgiving broke-college-student style with the boys. Should be interesting (and hopefully delicious).