(Look, Ma, a post not about running!)

I’ve really been trying to do less needless shopping in order to save up money for my England trip in 6 short weeks. But I have been looking for one item in particular for my trip: a traveling dress.

Since my British Airways flight will last a cool 8 hours, I won’t want to be wearing awful stuff like real pants. So I’ve been scouting out a comfy dress to wear on the flight that will both allow me to snooze and then allow me to look fab for B when I stumble off the flight.

“But wait, Sydney!” you cry. “England is super cold in March! You’ll freeze in a dress!”

Hold your horses. I’ve got a plan. First, you gotta see the dress.

Credit: Old Navy

ADORABLE, right? It’s made of jersey cotton and it’s clingy without being tight. To stay warm, I’m adding some tights under boots. And, since the dress is a neutral (all part of my secret plan), I can pair it with any color scarf, cardigan, or jacket.

I wore it last night to formal meal and everyone said I looked like hot stuff. Are you ready for this hotness, B?! I don’t think so.