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Photo of the Day: a collector’s button I got at the State Fair of Texas! I’ve been going to this fair since before I can remember. The school district would give us free tickets and a day off of school to go! Look for a post later with some sweet food pictures.

Facts about the OU/Texas game

  • If you only eat half a donut and three sips of water at 7 AM, after three hours of traffic, walking, standing, more walking, a bit of running, and a flight of stairs all before 11AM, you will almost faint. Your boyfriend will have to help you up the stairs to buy a cheesy hot dog.
  • Cheesy hot dogs are the bomb.
  • If you stand for 6 hours, then go on a ride where you’re off your feet, when you begin walking again, your feet will be swollen. It will feel like you’re walking on giant blisters. Have fun.
  • Gyros in the food court? Actually made by a Greek lady.
  • Texas fans are nice. Some of them make funny jokes about Landry Jones, which everyone can appreciate.
  • OU fans sometimes get so excited when we score they hit the people in front of them (me) in the back of the head. Hard.
  • The refs at the Cotton Bowl were totally kissing Texas’ butt the whole game. The guy behind me kept yelling “WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO CUDDLE WITH MACK BROWN?”
  • Resting is fun.
  • Baby goats are cute.
  • So are alpacas.