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Pumpkin Pie Cookies on Thanksgiving


I was getting a little stir-crazy when I got home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. So I made these pumpkin pie cookies, something I had pinned on Pinterest a while ago and never thought I would actually get to. Here’s the result!

The instructions by Sweet Sugar Belle worked perfectly, even with a first-time royal icing user like me. They look pretty much like slices of pumpkin pie, right?!  I didn’t have the special icing tip to make the crust, so I just did a straight line. The cookies were total sugar bombs, and the kitchen was left rather sticky…but they were pretty darn cute.

Pumpkin Pie Problems


I was so, so ashamed.

I stood in front of the oven, watching my pie of failure bake shamefully in the oven. The crust looked burnt. The pumpkin looked too jiggly.

I had never made such a mistake.

I couldn’t even blame it on outside forces, like a shoddy oven.

Me, being silly, distracted, and far too excited to make a pumpkin pie only gave the can of pumpkin with the recipe a glance. It told me to pour the entire can into the pie shell, and so I did.

I proceeded to pour the entire can of condensed milk in as well, which is where my problem started.

It only took the mix overflowing from the pie shell to indicate to me that I had made an error.

Apparently I was supposed to only put in 2/3 of a cup of condensed milk.


I poured some out, trying to limit the amount of pumpkin that flowed.

The pie made it out of the oven just fine. It was just a little too mushy.

But the shame will last forever.

What’s the worst baking mistake you’ve ever made?