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2013 Cuppycakes Christmas Playlist


Merry early Christmas to all of my readers! I’m flying out tomorrow afternoon to Richmond, VA to see B and his family, then I’ll be back in Dallas for Christmas Eve and flying out again on Christmas Day to see my mom. I may not post again until after Christmas, but I made you all a little Christmas gift…all of my favorite Christmas songs compiled together for you! 

Click here to enjoy the 2013 Cuppycakes Christmas Playlist!


Photo of the Day: Quite frankly, I’m not ashamed to be starting the Christmas season this early.


Photo of the Day: my Friday night was spent here. Awesome venue with two of my favorite bands—Motion City Soundtrack and Relient K.


New favorite “getting ready” song. It reminds me a bit of Queen, a band my friends and I adored during high school. We’d stand in a circle and scream the lyrics to “Bohemian Rhapsody” and laugh like hyenas.

This makes up for this band’s awful first radio single.

Things That I Find Suspicious About Country Music


Now, now, calm down, Southern readers. I love (most) country music. I own cowboy boots. I was raised on Alan Jackson. I’ve spent a pretty penny on country concert tickets.

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miranda lambert, country, cowboy,

Me and B before a Miranda Lambert show.

See? I love country music…

…just not all of it.

The Two Things That I Find Suspicious About Country Music

  1. The song “Shake it For Me” by Luke Bryan. It feels degrading to me. Are you paying this woman that you’re seemingly forcing to dance for you while you sit on your truck and watch? At least tuck a dollar into her tied-up plaid shirt.
  2. Country songs talk a lot about keeping money in coffee cans under the bed. Do we not believe in banks? Is this not the 21st century? You can trust the bank. I promise the FDIC is a real thing.

There you go. See? My two biggest problems with the genre are one song and a lack of a checking account.