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Who Can I Blame This On?


I had a scheduled run today of 3 miles, and I decided to double my 1.5 mile route. So, two loops. Super simple, right?


There’s this weird part of the trail that I run on that loops around the lake, but there’s like a little side path that you can take to skip the little baby lake loop. When I came up on it, I instantly forgot if that little baby lake loop was included in the path I had so carefully created on MapMyRun. Cue internal battle!

I should have just done the loop, because who complains about running OVER their target for the day? But alas, I skipped the little baby lake loop and discovered when I got home that I only ran 2.75 miles. Blast you, last .25 of a mile that consisted of that lake loop!

I mean, I’m really not that upset about it because as I came in, it started pouring rain, so if I had taken the time to do the little baby lake loop I would be soaking wet with a water damaged phone so… I’m not too torn up about it.

2.75 miles/ 26 minutes (shoulda known I ran less with that super fast time!)

Six Miles on a Saturday Night


Whew, lookin’ rough.

6 miles/ ~60 minutes (I’ve been taking a break from formally timing my long runs to keep morale up)

The first two miles were of awful-average difficulty. Especially because they begin with a huge hill (I took a picture! I’ll show you later!). After two, I took a quick water break and then did two 1.5 mile loops and planned on stopping. But I felt super great during the 3-5 mile period. I even did a sprint through the pretty wooded trail I run through.

Due to this “feeling good” phenomenon, I decided to push it for a personal distance record of 6 miles. I kept telling myself, “This is your long run! Don’t cop out now! If you stop, you’re just going to have to go through all this pain again tomorrow!” Since it was getting dark, I looped around some neighborhood streets to finish the last miles because the streets had streetlamps (duh).