Everything’s clearer in the morning light. Hindsight is 20/20. Time heals all wounds.

Cliches are silly, but sometimes they’re based in truth.

When we look back on what happened yesterday in Moore, Oklahoma, we’ll always remember the wind, the destruction, the children.

The mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and babies we couldn’t save with our human hands.

But hopefully we’ll also remember clearly and vividly the response.

The tireless, wall-to-wall efforts of meteorologists and journalists to serve the public interest and get the news to the people.

The first responders who saw the tragedy that was not shown to the masses.

The volunteers who flooded Red Cross offices, churches, and university campuses.

The resources and money that flowed in from points known and unknown.

The prayers.

I want to remember the people who walked toward the destruction, and the people who walked out from it.

The people with broken possessions but unbroken spirits.

I want to remember everything. So that’s why I’m writing it down.