If you’re like me, you can barely find time to shower in the morning, let alone pick out a stunning outfit that highlights your rockin’ curves/loooong legs/ghetto booty. And I have hardly any time at night, too. Who wants to struggle through their closet in the dark (roommate) at midnight after editing video for so long their eyes can no longer stay open for more than seconds at a time? (That was a very personal example).

My own plight is what inspired me to write this series, because I firmly believe this: fashion doesn’t require a lot of time, effort, or money.  Just a trained eye and a few minutes devoted to analyzing your wardrobe a week.

This is the introduction post, and I’m off to take pictures of what I believe are staples for dressing fashionably fast for a college student. I’ll also be tackling professional wardrobe in later posts, for all you fancy ladies with real jobs (because who knows what business professional means anyway?).