Today, I made a special trip to Target to check our their new Jason Wu line before all the Norman vultures got it. Here is my take on the new pieces!

Wu’s collection was highly vintage inspired; pieces like this blue dotted blouse were available in several colors. This is a trend that lots of other mid-range stores (read: Old Navy, Forever 21) are pursuing, but Wu’s pieces are likely of higher quality and offer more detail, such as the tie and trim on the sleeves.

Stripes play a major role in Wu’s collection, but they are often used in creative ways, such as the trim on this poplin dress. His stripes are also usually not even or the same size, adding interest to the pieces.

Wu’s pieces also feature pairings of different fabrics; for example, this tank top has a sheer panel at the top. Blue is heavily featured (as you can see in this post) with pops of neon red and yellow and neutrals like cream and white.

Overall, I’d say that most of Wu’s collection is worth buying. While some items (a cotton shirt with a cat on it for $19.99) are overpriced, the detail is usually worth the price. Quality isn’t top notch, but for a store where I can buy silk dresses and a loaf of bread, I’ll take it.

All items can be found at Target stores or on the Target website. Prices range from $19.99-$59.99.