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Tips for my Hips


Yesterday, I had a twinge in my upper leg area.


I brushed it off. I had taken the day off before, so I couldn’t possibly have done something to my leg. Was it my leg that hurt? It was hard to determine where the twinge originated.

Oh well. I scooted off to hot yoga, hoping the warmth and stretching would help out Mr. Twinge. Yoga was a blast, but as we laid on the floor as the class finished, I felt the twinge come back- with a vengeance.

By the time I went to dinner, I could barely walk.

Dr. Google tells me I have a hip flexor strain. I spent most of the morning in bed, icing my hip and hobbling around the house. As I showered (in mid afternoon, shamelessly), I realized that heat felt way better than ice. My hip almost felt like new after a hot shower.

After that, I decided to go walk around at Watter’s Creek (an outdoor mall) to keep my hip from tightening up badly (which seemed to be causing most of the trouble I had walking). So funny. Stop walking, pain. Start walking with pain, pain goes away.

When I got home, I took a nice long hot bath and watched a documentary about vegans. That made my hip flexor feel very happy and also very guilty for eating meats. Oh well. You can’t win every battle.

I’m not running for at least another day, unless there’s an overnight miracle and I wake up pain-free. Then I’ll run two easy peasy miles.

Any suggestions on what I can do to heal faster?!

Down, but Not Out


I seem to have done something extremely tragic to my knee.

And it’s really, really, superbly depressing.

“Why is it,” I tell my friends on the phone, “that when I finally do want to exercise, my stupid knee stupidly fails me?”

They respond “maybe you should have stretched more.”

It hurts on the side and behind my right knee.

Any diagnoses, audience? All contributions, even silly ones, will be referenced in a future post.