Last month, I was able to move into my first ever apartment.

I know you’re all expecting some cute design photos, but unfortunately, this is only a summer gig. My sweet friend E is letting me sublet a room in her apartment while I wander around OKC this summer at my three (!!!) jobs. I don’t see the point in decorating a place that I’ll only be in for 10 weeks, so all my adorable decorating will have to hold tight for a bit.

My first forays into grocery shopping have begun, however, so I’ve decided to keep track of what I buy, what it costs, and where I went. That way, I can try to keep my costs down and inform you all about where to shop and what to buy if you’re a budding semi-organic/peanut-free foodie on a Taco Bell Value Menu budget.

For my first shopping trips, I went to Target, Homeland (local grocery chain), and Sprouts (a new natural foods store). I’ve spent $70 and I think I’ve gotten about 2 weeks worth of groceries.

I bought…

Deli turkey
Fresh baked bread
Baby carrots
3 apples
2 tomatoes
2 frozen burritos (Amy’s and Evol)
2 Chobani yogurts
A bag of grapes
Fresh mozzarella cheese
Laughing cow cheese
Wheat thins
Fruit cups
Salad dressing
2 pack of Justin’s almond butter
Black beans

Sour cream
6 pack of Gatorade

2 organic pastas
2 mangoes

We’ll see how long these last! I will also have posts detailing how my grocery budget has gone down significantly thanks to a growing trend…