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Minty Fresh



Last week, I was looking for something sweet to make and send B’s brother because he is a freshman in college and sick with mono. I remembered that he liked mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I found this recipe from Little Dairy on the Prairie on ever-faithful Pinterest.

The batter was straight-up luscious. Strangely (and awesomely), it was the texture of ice cream after I mixed all of the goodies up. And the real peppermint oil that was swirled in made them smell and taste so fresh and so tasty. (That was a so fresh and so clean joke, sorry it failed).

You may ask how they tasted? I leave you with this screenshotted Snapchat:

Pumpkin Pie Cookies on Thanksgiving


I was getting a little stir-crazy when I got home on Tuesday for Thanksgiving. So I made these pumpkin pie cookies, something I had pinned on Pinterest a while ago and never thought I would actually get to. Here’s the result!

The instructions by Sweet Sugar Belle worked perfectly, even with a first-time royal icing user like me. They look pretty much like slices of pumpkin pie, right?!  I didn’t have the special icing tip to make the crust, so I just did a straight line. The cookies were total sugar bombs, and the kitchen was left rather sticky…but they were pretty darn cute.

Nice to meet you, here’s dessert.


The short version: I’m meeting most of my boyfriend’s family next week for spring break. I would like to bake something to bring them.

The rules: It must transport well. I’m taking it on a three hour flight.

The ideas: Brownies? Cookies? Bars?

The suggestions: They enjoy chocolate. Not so much on mint.

Help me, y’all!




Oh Oh!

Oreos are the bomb! Second only to Chips Ahoy in my favorite snacktime cookie.


A time lapse.