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2013 Cuppycakes Christmas Playlist


Merry early Christmas to all of my readers! I’m flying out tomorrow afternoon to Richmond, VA to see B and his family, then I’ll be back in Dallas for Christmas Eve and flying out again on Christmas Day to see my mom. I may not post again until after Christmas, but I made you all a little Christmas gift…all of my favorite Christmas songs compiled together for you! 

Click here to enjoy the 2013 Cuppycakes Christmas Playlist!


Photo of the Day: got bored and did this on the kids’ art space at church.


I made this!

If you would like a copy (I also have 3 other Christmas prints), please leave a comment! I would be happy to send you one for a teeny lil price tag.


Photo of the Day: Quite frankly, I’m not ashamed to be starting the Christmas season this early.


Photo of the Day: A close up of some fun flower lights from GardenFest of Lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond, VA.



  • DIY: colourful xmas wreath (via pickles)



Um, Happy Holidays?

This undated image from the Scottsdale Gun Club shows people posing with Santa Claus and guns in the Arizona association’s building.

(see moreWeek’s Best Photos)


Gingerbread people! Cupcakes! Detail!

A perfect start to Cuppycakes Christmas.

The 23 Days of Cuppycakes Christmas!


Until Christmas Day, I’ll be posting daily about my favorite Christmas recipes, traditions, and the best way to spend your break- whether you get two days, two weeks, or two months off from school or work responsibilities!

I’ll also be tweeting about it on my personal Twitter. You can find me at @sydneyyallen using the hashtag #CuppycakesChristmas.

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