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5 Things You Need to Know About Football Time in Oklahoma


1. On gameday, we wear crimson and cream.

2. Avoid traffic and paying for parking by parking at a friend’s house or apartment complex and walking up to the stadium. It’s not that far. You’ll survive.

3. You will walk into every game saying, “I’m not going to buy any food, I’m just going to wait, we’re getting Cane’s after the game” and then you will find yourself with cheese fries and a lemon chill in your hand. Plan your bank account accordingly.

4. If you’re sitting in the student section, you will be standing for all 4 quarters. Don’t wear your brand new cowboy boots unless you want to be openly weeping while walking home. (I wouldn’t know anyone who has made that mistake…cough cough).

5. Yell, scream, mug for the cameras, boo the other team, catcall the cute players, sing all the songs (including the requisite playing of Sweet Caroline in the 4th quarter), and resist the urge to leave early. Because you won’t be a student forever, and even though someday you’ll be a rich alum with box seats, there’s nothing like being sandwiched between a drunk sweaty frat guy and the next OU head coach who loves critiquing every play.

Facts about the OU/Texas game

  • If you only eat half a donut and three sips of water at 7 AM, after three hours of traffic, walking, standing, more walking, a bit of running, and a flight of stairs all before 11AM, you will almost faint. Your boyfriend will have to help you up the stairs to buy a cheesy hot dog.
  • Cheesy hot dogs are the bomb.
  • If you stand for 6 hours, then go on a ride where you’re off your feet, when you begin walking again, your feet will be swollen. It will feel like you’re walking on giant blisters. Have fun.
  • Gyros in the food court? Actually made by a Greek lady.
  • Texas fans are nice. Some of them make funny jokes about Landry Jones, which everyone can appreciate.
  • OU fans sometimes get so excited when we score they hit the people in front of them (me) in the back of the head. Hard.
  • The refs at the Cotton Bowl were totally kissing Texas’ butt the whole game. The guy behind me kept yelling “WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO CUDDLE WITH MACK BROWN?”
  • Resting is fun.
  • Baby goats are cute.
  • So are alpacas.