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Photo of the Day: Everyone loves getting packages, right? Especially when they’re from the Lilly Pulitzer semi annual sale! I got these adorable buttercup shorts for $34. Look at me go, the deal queen!

Oh, hey, about that…


Sorry for the neglect, readers! I’m part of a sorority and we are currently in the throes of formal recruitment.

We host 14 rush parties on Friday, and I am super excited and busier than God right now.

Recruitment ends on August 15, and I will be returning to this blog then, of course! So sit tight, pull up the archives, and wait patiently for my eventual return.


Photo of the Day: Summer sun, sweat, and chlorine. Pool day with my sisters!

(And let’s all say a little prayer for the state of BB’s sunburn…that poor ginger girl.)

Painting with Light


light, sparkler, fourth of july, photography,

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I accomplished this feat— painting with light— with 8 sparklers and my trusty DSLR. I used my tripod because I wanted to minimize movement to try and get really clear photos. This was almost impossible, but I want to try it again, tweaking my settings to try and achieve super clear pictures. firework, sparkler, painting with light, light art, photography

firework, sparkler, painting with light, light art, photography

Technical Stuff:
f-stop: 22

shutter speed: 13 sec/15 sec

ISO: auto (I need to read more about the right ISO settings for this…)


Photo of the Day: From my sorority’s senior night. Happy Founder’s Day, Alpha Gams!


Photo of the Day: Friends at my sorority’s International Reunion Day. Can we talk about how beautiful the lighting + my new 50mm f/1.8 lens makes everyone look?!