I eat this stuff on everything. Well, everything that isn’t savory. Cause I have no recipes for that yet.

This morning, it made an appearance on my banana, coupled with honey.

I had to drive over 30 miles to get it.

What is this thing I covet so much?

Find out after the jump…

Yes, kids. I’m a Whole Paycheck Foods snob. Their hot bar is heaven. I got over a pound of food in my little brown box yesterday. I HAVE NO REGRETS, people. YOLO and stuff. Sorry I’m not sorry that I love quinoa salads.

Anyway, I also get my almond butter at Whole Foods because it is one of the few places that I can get it straight up ground in front of my eyes and totally clean (meaning it hasn’t cavorted around with other nuts whilst processing). It’s very chunky and not at all like peanut butter, but I find it delicious. And surprisingly, buying it at WF fresh ground is the most cost effective way to get almond butter without peanut contamination. Cause I went to pretty much every food store in Norman, Oklahoma, and one place had almond butter that hadn’t been tainted and it was NINE DOLLARS.

I wouldn’t pay nine dollars for all of the almonds in the world!

Actually, that’s a pretty good deal. I’ll get back to you on that.