I had a scheduled run today of 3 miles, and I decided to double my 1.5 mile route. So, two loops. Super simple, right?


There’s this weird part of the trail that I run on that loops around the lake, but there’s like a little side path that you can take to skip the little baby lake loop. When I came up on it, I instantly forgot if that little baby lake loop was included in the path I had so carefully created on MapMyRun. Cue internal battle!

I should have just done the loop, because who complains about running OVER their target for the day? But alas, I skipped the little baby lake loop and discovered when I got home that I only ran 2.75 miles. Blast you, last .25 of a mile that consisted of that lake loop!

I mean, I’m really not that upset about it because as I came in, it started pouring rain, so if I had taken the time to do the little baby lake loop I would be soaking wet with a water damaged phone so… I’m not too torn up about it.

2.75 miles/ 26 minutes (shoulda known I ran less with that super fast time!)