So, I do this thing sometimes, where I get really, really into stuff.

I guess you normals would call it an “obsession”….cause that’s pretty much what it is.

Obsessions that I have had in my lifetime:

Harry Potter

The X-Files

Iron Man/RDJ

Twilight (I am so embarrassed right now. This one is for sure OVER WITH.)

My current obsession?

the hunger games, catching fire, mockingjay, suzanne collins,

(picture from the Googles)

I know, I’m like a year behind all of the cool hipster Hunger Games fans, but OH MY GOSH. These books may not be high literature, but they have action, a couple twists, funny names, and romance. I will read anything that involves two people who should be together but aren’t. And it’s really refreshing to read a book where the girl isn’t falling all over herself over a dude once he confesses his love. I mean, Katniss has way more important things to worry about, like her sister and, you know, staying alive. Props to you, Everdeen.


(So help me God, if Katniss and Peeta hadn’t gotten together in the end, I would have thrown my computer across the room (e-book), yelled at my dogs, kicked some stuff, and taken one serious angry nap. And never discussed the Hunger Games again.)